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When I look at the holiday that we call “Easter”, I don’t see anything special. I don’t feel the need to celebrate one religious story more than any other, because I don’t believe in the stories. This is something that is generally looked down upon in the U.S., because while we were founded on the ideals of secularism, we have become a largely Christian nation.

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Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia

Apparently, there used to be dinosaurs in them parts.


…I’m not sure whether to be amused, or depressed.

In any event, the place is beautiful.

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Compassion Link post

This result does not surprise me. It is possible (and desirable) for any person to be compassionate at a personal and emotional level. However, if religion is a dominant motivator in ones life, then there is at least a small chance that they will give because of perceived obligations, and not because they genuinely feel sympathy or empathy. While a non-religious person does not have that factor affecting them, it could be argued that they simply do not care as frequently. But this study refutes that, and I’m inclined to think that further studies will yield similar results. What do you think?

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would you define atheism as a religion?

a) yes as organized religion dwindles and atheists numbers swell, it will become that.

2)no, it will never happen, atheism its a simply a lack of belief …nothing else

why do you think so?

please age and background ..

Atheism isn’t even really a “thing” period, any more than a “non-racist” is a thing. The non-belief in something shouldn’t require a term, but until the world has come to a point at which most people stop believing in ancient myths and start trusting in themselves and human capacity for thinking and learning, it will require ridiculous specificity. This is why I’ve decided to stop using any terms to define my “beliefs”.

What do I believe regarding creation, higher powers, and the meaning of life?
1. We’re working on it, but we have some theories.
2. Math, science, and the laws that govern the cosmos. (Where did they come from? Necessity of function.)
3. Whatever one makes of it. I love experiencing life, and i wish to maximize that enjoyment for myself and others. Plain and simple. If that makes me selfish, then so be it.

I will always live by my favorite saying, two simple words: Do Better. If we’re always striving for more, then we will always have new things to look forward to learning. And that inspires me.

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Apparently the New Testament makes some of these obsolete. So, Gods word is perfect, but needs some revision with the times. Makes sense.

(Yes, the image is old. That doesn’t change how interesting it is.)

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Tahe a few minutes - This is an important read Link post

The cosmic perspective helps people to stop focusing on the grandness of faith, morals, or even humanity as a whole. While largely important in their own rights, it can be helpful to take a step back occasionally and understand how frivolous our war and strife is, and where our priorities lie.

If you can do what Neil deGrasse Tyson does and feel large after reading something like this, understanding how mall we are - then you are one step closer to being the type of person that we should all be. Focus on what matters, and share it with others.

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The Scale of the Universe Link post

For those of you that have not seen this: the scale of the universe put into a more easily understandable perspective. Be sure to click on everything!

My perspective: One of the things that I find so impressive about the universe is how little we know. The thought that it was created through laws that we do not yet understand and may never fully comprehend is amazingly inspiring. No creator means that we’re free to find our own meaning or not, to discover how and why everything was, is, and will be without any supplied answers - and that drives me to learn more and to do better.

Please share this and help expand minds!

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Knowing what you are made of and where you are going are essential to fully appreciating what you have now.

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